Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finally, I can walk through my living room and not cringe! I spent today moving stuff around and getting a new gate set up for little man. Put some of the stuff he doesn't use anymore in storage for the next little one and took down the camping mats that I had wrapped around chairs to keep him out of the kitchen. (Don't ask, it worked and it was all I had. :D)

I've got so much to do tomorrow! My mom's finally back in town and we are going for our walk in the morning. Then, I'll shower and get ready and go pick up my niece's so we can go to....the car dealership! Yep, way cool! Hah!!! There's a recall on our '02 Explorer Sport Trac that I have to get taken care of before it self-combusts and takes the house with it! And, when we bought the vehicle they only gave us one key so I'm finally getting around to getting another ignition key made. (It has a chip in it so I can't just run to the corner store. Blech!) The nieces are required for this trip for a few reasons. 1-They are great and I love to spend time with them and 2-The waiting room at the dealership is small and dirty and not a good place when it comes to keeping a 10-month old entertained.

After that, it's back to my house so I can give the girls some old beads I found while I was purging my craft supplies. Then, a gal that responed to my Craig's List ad is going to come over and go through my old Stampin' Up! stamps and hopefully buy some. (More $ for CKC, baby!!)

Finally, it's off to the vet with the cat. The girls are once again going to come in VERY handy with this because my vet always has me come in with the animal and hold it during the exams and shots.

Then, I'll take the girls home and Andrew and I can eat leftover lasagna (thank goodness for leftovers) and I'll be able to take a load or two of stuff to my dad's for the garage sale in a week!

All in all, it'll be a go-go-go day and I really should be in bed!! Hah! ;D


joscelyne cutchens said...

Hey! I tried to sign up for Ali's class but my connection kept kicking me out! Noel and I will be in the basic grey class at 9:20, LuCKy girl at 10:40, and on sat I signed up for a sei class double the fun at 920 on sat. I did not sign up for crops because I may be going out with girlfriends on thurs and fri... not sure. I look forward to meeting you at the basic grey class!

Allison Davis said...

Now that sounds like a busy day!!!