Friday, August 31, 2007


Check out my CKMB buddy Shaina's laundry pile!!

This gal's got props from me for her patience with all that!!! Can you imagine??

And I thought I had it bad with just Andrew and the baby. My hubby likes to come home and take off his grubby work clothes, then put on clothes to go do yard work, then take a shower and put on clothes for the rest of the evening. Why can't he just wear the work clothes to mow the lawn??? Are pump mud and grass that incompatible???

I really don't mind doing the laundry or folding/hanging it. What I put off is putting the folded clothes away. We have a small house without a lot of storage space and putting it away is an exercise in precision. It's not unusual for me to have three laundry baskets of clean clothes folded in the laundry room.

What's your laundry story???

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Nicole P. said...

Oh, I have a laundry story!!!!