Saturday, August 25, 2007

I've been doing something else!!!

So, I've actually been doing stuff around the house instead of living on the computer and scrappin'!!

I snuck over to Andrew's work and dropped off five presents for his 35th b-day. I had them all around the shop. Everyone there thought it was great! These were his presents from Mickey and the tags read "i" "heart(actual heart not the word)", "u", "da-da", "heart(actual heart not the word) Mickey". He had to get them all together in the right order to read them. It rocked! He says he doesn't like attention but he called me as soon as he got all five and read the message and told me how much he liked them. And he has thanked me at least three times since then!!!

I've also gone through each and every article of clothing I own and purged like a mad woman. I took ELEVEN grocery bags of clothes to my dad's for a garage sale!!! ELEVEN!!!!

I've also taken almost everything non-baby related out of my son's room. (It's now in the hallway and our bedroom but, I'm going through it to purge for the sale.) It's made me realize that I need to get a rug for his room. The one in there was fine when it was my craft room but light green with pink hearts just isn't cutting it for him now. :D

Andrew and I also went out to dinner together, without Mickey, for the first time since he was born! We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in downtown Portland. Yummy! I do have to say that I am very grateful that we had a $75.00 gift card for there, otherwise our bill would have been ridiculous!!! Little Man stayed at his Aunt Kathy's and had a great time. I'm always worried that he'll fuss the whole time we're gone but he really loves his aunts and uncles and cousins and does great when he's with them. Phew!!!

Oh, and I've caught up on the laundry* and switched little man's car seat. He is now the proud owner of a convertible car seat! This should take him a while to outgrow. It's good for up to 50 lbs!!!

*OK, I still have to put it away but, at least it's clean!!! :D

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joscelyne cutchens said...

wow, 11 bags of clothes! How nice you had dinner at a nice restaurant! I can't remember the last time...