Monday, August 6, 2007

Online happenings. :D

So, we got back from our camping trip yesterday. Went pretty well, actually. I was a little worried because the normal group of people we hang out with weren't going to be there. But, it was good. Made us expand our social circle and made me learn the names of more people. (I'm horrible at that, it takes quite a while before I remember someone's name)

Anyway, I went online yesterday and so much had happened!!! One, I got a pm on CKMB from hickschick, she was able to post the picture of the SOY LO she did. Months ago, when she was working on this LO she sent a request for some of those Queen & Co heart charms so she could finish her LO. ~Kim~ had sent her some and she couldn't find them. Well, I had just gotten some in a grab bag I had purchased online!!! I was so excited that I got her address and mailed them right away! How cool, to help someone finish their SOY submission! Here it is!!!

And, keep checking her blog for the rest of her amazing submission!

She's got great style and uses a lot of stamping in her LO's!!! Gotta love that!!! :D My new fav LO of hers is "You See Lifes Colors". Awesome!!!

The other really cool thing that happened is that Liz (hickschick) and Ali Davis found my blog and I now have two comments!!! Why is this cool you ask??? Because, I'm still trying to figure out how to place a link to my blog on CKMB!!! And, because they have awesome blogs and awesome scrappers to boot!!

(Yes, awesome is my word du jour, previously I was all over "fabulous"!)


Allison Davis said...

Now you have three!!! hehehe

Aunt Bree said...

Gotta add one more from a CKMBer
scrappinmomma make four!

Steve said...

Just so you know, Im using my hubby's account. Have you scraped your words du jour(the why, the wherefores)? Another CKMBer(clicked on the ol' bud)! royce