Thursday, September 13, 2007

Selling the Goods!

So, my mom and I are having a crafter's garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. So, I'm trying to put an ad on Craig's List and for the first time, it's hating my photos!!! So, now I'm loading them into Photobucket, resizing and reposting them. Argh!!! Andrew wants to go look at house stuff and I can tell he's getting restless! Thank goodness for football and chips and salsa!!! :D

Argh!!! Photobucket is so slow!!! Only halfway through four photos!!! Ah, well. At least we have an ad in the Canby Herald.

So, I posted the ad on Craig's List with no photos. I'm trying to link it to a bulletin on My Space and my ad is not showing up yet!!! Seriously, Craig, get the lead out! :D

Ahhh, finally!!!


Julie Smith said...

Glad the ad finally turned out for you. Why are you selling so much? Are you making room for new stuff? When one of my friends got out of Stampin' Up, she had a huge garage sale and made a bundle. Of course, it was nothing compared to what she made when she sold it at retail prices, but at least she got some space back. I hope the sale goes well!

joscelyne cutchens said...

Good Luck for your sale! I hope you make loads and loads of cash-ola for CKC!

Liz said...

wish I could go to CKC! have fun for me and hope you made a bundle this weekend

Bebhin said...
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