Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tired, tired, tired...and Toilet Links! :D

Little man is not lovin' sleeping at Hotel Mommy (well, Hotel Grandma, to him). So, I get woken up a few times before our normal six a.m. wake, eat and sleep till eight ritual. I'm really starting to notice it. I'm cranky and seriously, I feel boring. Blech!!!

However, it is allowing me to be really annoying over on the scrap smack blog. I just don't think they should be smacking normal people. Products that fail and classes that consistently get cancelled and things that they pay for, I'm fine with. Makes the pro's in the industry a little more accountable and warns fellow scrappers to avoid bad products. I don't get the need to smack scrap "celebrities". And, I'm not tolerating them smacking people I know and like!

On to more mundane items. Here's the latest update on the remodel.

Gutted? Check
New plumbing? Check
New wiring? Check
New exhaust fan? Check

Next up, Andrew has to find a way to get the drywall from the store to our house without it getting wet or broken. Then he can install the insulation and drywall and subflooring.

We only have a week left as the solo guests of Hotel Mommy. I'd really like to have a functioning toilet before my folks come home but, it's not looking good. Once he gets the above items installed we still have to get the floor tiles laid and then they have to set for 24 hours and then I think we can install the toilet.

Oh, yeah. And, we have to buy the toilet!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Here's what I'm liking right now.

I want to get a porcelain lever handle to go with the faucets we got. Here's a peek...

We got them in Satin PVD (aka Brushed Nickel). Our house was built in '55 and I really didn't want something too modern. Besides, Andrew and I are sooooo not modern, trendy people. :D

Next time I post from my house I'll try to post some pics. Hopefully, that will be sometime this week! Wish me luck!!

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Samantha said...

The cow costume is too cute!! And the toilet, well, let's just say that I didn't think a waste receptical could be so elegant!!