Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whirlwind Week!

It's been almost a week since I last blogged and boy, the stuff that has happened.

1~Crafter's Garage Sale...was a success! We sold a lot of stuff and met some really cool people! Some of them even want to take a mini book class from me! Coolness! was Mickey's first one ever! Well, he attended last year, in utero! He loved it! He ate teriyaki chicken, sauerkraut and Marionberries and got to see some of his cousins. I think his favorite was petting the sheep and a llama. Good times!

3~Bathroom remodel...was planned in about 24 hours! I realized that my folks two week trip to the East Coast would be the perfect time for us to remodel our one and only and tiny bathroom! We can stay at their house during this and not be in their hair or feel like we are imposing. And, they only live a mile and a half away so it's not a big drive to work on the bathroom. So excited because now we'll actually get to enjoy this before we move in about a year! Yeah, baby!

4~Lost a loved father's aunt Laverne died on Sunday. She was 90. My dad is in Eastern Oregon hunting so I've been trying to get a hold of him for a few days to tell him. We are going to the funeral on Saturday. Laverne was such a neat lady. She had a keg of beer and a live band at her 80th birthday party!! She always was full of life and love and passed that on to her family. Miss you already, Aunt Laverne!

5~Our new driveway...was driven on for the first time! It is so nice now! We can park two cars side by side and two deep and then two more single file behind them. With five siblings each, being able to park six cars off the street is a good thing!

6~Kid my gym is now acceptable to Little Man again!!! He wasn't having it for a while and that made it hard to get in a work out! So, he's been cool with it for three workouts in a row so far! Way to go, Mickey!

7~Teeth...Mickey now has eight of them!!! He got two more in three days! Little Man is growing up!

Well, that's all the big stuff. There's been quite a lot of little stuff too! New back gate, making hair appointments (required FIVE phone calls!), getting car stuff taken care of...all the while doing the normal SAHM stuff! :D

Anyway, I'll be leaving Friday and won't be back until Sunday so, unless something fabulous and eminently blogable happens...see ya Sunday!!!

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