Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mrs. misses stuff! :D

So, it is Tuesday night and I'm in my parents house in SunRiver, using their dial-up internet access to try to reconnect with my MB gals. So slow. So, so slow. I feel for the gals who always have to use dial up.

Here is a list of five things I miss right now.

1-Andrew. I seriously miss him. We did spend Thursday night through Saturday morning in Kah-nee-tah for the Oregon Ground Water Association fall convention. So, we got to spend a little time together but he had to attend meetings and classes.

2-My bed. I love my bed. It has the right amount of pillows and the mattress is super firm. Love that.

3-Mickey's bed. Well actually, he misses it, but I miss him sleeping all night in it. Sleeping in the Pack-n-Play for three weeks has totally disrupted his sleep patterns. He now wakes at one or four or two or three or all of them, which means I do too. Not fun, not fun at all.

4-My house. I miss my kitchen and everything I'm used to. I miss not having all my scrap supplies here. (Although, I did bring quite a lot with me!!! LOL!)

5-My TV. I know that's pathetic but, as a SAHM, I keep it on while Little Man naps. Anyway, in Central Oregon, Matlock and Perry Mason just aren't as cool as they are in the Willamette Valley.

So there's my little whine. Now here is your reward for listening to me. LOL! I figured out how to post pictures. :D

Unfortunately, I keep getting an error message from Blogger stating that they are aware of the problem and are working on getting it fixed. Figures!!! Hahahaha! :D

But, I promise, I'll post some pics of Little Man and some cools photos from the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest and our local fair.


Liz said...

my friend, where has the time gone! I am so glad to see you are up in spirits. the chronicles of erica crack me up. hopefully I will be on a little bit more and we can catch up.

talk to you soon!


joscelyne cutchens said...

i love reading your blog... and feel your pain of dial up. I was out of dsl for two weeks when we moved to our new house. I could only get on the internet with my cell phone.. it.. was.. too...too... slow. I thought i would deliver a head injury to myself in frustration! I can't wait to see your pictures, and meet you in seattle!

Samantha said...

Hi, Erica! I hope you're back at your house by now :)

Hey, are you going to CKC Seattle? I'll be at the Friday lunch. I'm so excited!!

Oh, and I want to let you know...you've been tagged, by me!! Visit my blog to read all about it :)