Thursday, November 29, 2007


So, I got sick the first time before CKC-Seattle, then I got sick after Bunko and now, I'm sick again!!! Booger got sick on Monday, worse on Tuesday, better yesterday and still not quite healthy today. I started getting sick Tuesday night, worse yesterday and the same today! Argh! I think he takes after his dad. Because, Andrew has not gotten sick this entire time. Seriously. I know. Seriously. Although, I guess I should be grateful. When he gets sick, he really gets sick. Temps of 103 and walking pnuemonia are what I've dealt with when he gets sick.

Anyway, Little Man and I have to brave the outside world today. I want to make some of those cool pinecone ornaments. Check them out here . And, I need some refill blades for my craft knife. But, the real reason we have to go is because we only have two diapers left in the whole house. And, a side effect of Mickey being sick is well, we go through a lot of diapers. So, now I'm waiting for him to wake up and then off we go. :D


Julie, aka Scrapperdays said...

We've all been sick here too. Bronchitits and pink eye have run amuck through my house this past week. Hope you feel better soon! Hey, I know what might make you feel better - getting tagged! I tagged you a few days ago! ;+)

Samantha said...

I hope you and little man are feeling better by now!!