Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Five down, one to go!

Yep, I'm talking about Christmas get togethers. This must be a record for us! Here's how it all went down (and will go down)...

Sunday night----"Christmas" dinner at my mom's house with my oldest step-brother and his wife and their three (awesome) kids because they won't be able to make Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The kids are getting older so I was relieved that the gifts I got them went over well. However, according to Nathan, Cody gives the best gifts!!! LOL! Way to go, little brother! :D

Monday morning---I drive out to SE Portland to go pick up my brother. I was supposed to get there by 10:00 and back to my house by 10:30 but due to a few issues (a still frozen ham and a slight delay while Andrew bathed Mickey so he could go with me) I don't think we got back until after 11:00. We ate, opened presents and hung out. My dad got Mickey a four foot fish pillow!!! It's huge! :D And, Cody got Mickey his first Mickey!!! :D Dad got me stuff for my camera; a lens, some filters, a lens cap leash, a new lens and an instruction manual!!! Score!! Cody got me some books and movies. The books he got me are the trilogy that has The Golden Compass and 365 things to do with your toddler (because Mickey now qualifies for that title!!). The movies are Waitress and Knocked Up. Andrew and I watched that and it is so funny and some of it hit sooooooooo close to home!!! Good stuff!

Monday evening---Head out to Silverton to have dinner with Andrew's father's side of the family. We were told to bring desserts but, it turns out we were supposed to bring salads. Ooops! Oh, well. You can never be too rich or have enough dessert options! :D

Tuesday morning----8:00 am...our little family opens stockings and we show Mickey the box that has his high chair in it. He is thrilled. Not really but, Momma is so it's all good! :D We ordered a canopy for our Sport Trac as our gift to each other. My gift to Andrew this year was that he didn't have to buy any gifts at all. So, I got to fill my stocking myself this year. I got socks, an ornament (we all got our initials this year) and some scrapbooking goodies!!! Yeah, baby!!!

Tuesday morning----10:00 am...we head over to my mom's house to open presents with everyone who was at mom's on Sunday night except the five who can't make it. So, it's Andrew, Mickey and I, Cody(my brother), Doug(my uncle), Granny, Mom and Larry(my step-dad). We eat, open presents and take a group picture!!! Yep, I got my Granny to sit still for six pictures!!! I think it's a record! :D

Tuesday afternoon---2:30 pm...we arrive at Andrew's sister's house for Christmas with his immediate family. Four out of his five siblings and their SO's and kids and Andrew's folks waited for us to open presents (due to Mickey needing a nap, we got there a little late to eat with everyone) and then we played games. Andrew's family is big on games and it's a lot of fun! I played Wii Home Run Derby and beat my hubby twice!!! It ruled!! Little man got pretty tired, well, to tell the truth, so was I. So, he and I went home and Andrew is still over there playing cards!! :D

So, that's five out of the six. Our sixth Christmas affair will be with Andrew's mom's side of the family. We go out there the Sunday after Christmas and shocker of all shocks...eat!!! :D

I'm hoping that next year, we'll be in a big enough house to have everyone over. Maybe not all at the same time but, enough that we don't have to drive any where!!! LOL!!!

Hope you all had a fun and relaxing Christmas...or six!!! :D

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Samantha said...

I'm dizzy just reading all your excursions!! I hope you're having a great week :)