Saturday, December 1, 2007

Go Beavs!!

Today was the Civil War. And, my team won!!! There were like a million overtimes but, I don't know how many because I quit watching at halftime.

Why would I quit watching my alma mater halfway through the game, you ask?? Good question. (You guys always ask good questions! ;D)

Well, it's because I am an OSU jinx. Whenever I watch, they start to lose. They were ahead when we showed up at my SIL's to watch the game and then it started to go back and forth, we'd be ahead, it'd be a tie, we'd be ahead, then back to a tie!!! So, I had to quit watching.

When I was in college, we lost every game I went to!!! I am an OSU jinx. So, I will now wear my OSU shirt, dress little man in head to toe orange and black and not find out the score until after the game is over.

And, that is how I found out we won today. My dad called me!!! I was too chicken to look online and find out myself! LOL!!!


Nicole P. said...

Your little boy is so cute!!
BTW, thanks for all the enlightening information on my blog the other day.
And BTW again, I am doing something that I hope will be fun on my blog. From now until Christmas, I am going to ask a Christmas related question, unless I run out of questions. I hope that you will stop by.

Samantha said...

Glad to hear your team won! I'm not a big football fan, but I can appreciate the game.