Friday, December 28, 2007

One extra kid and one extra dog...

...added to the mix shouldn't seem like that big a deal. Oh, lordy it is! :D I babysat my cousin's 5 month old son today and last night we became foster parents to my hubby's nephew's 1 1/2 year old beagle mix! Neither of them are potty trained!!!

Now, Maverick has an excuse (he's a baby) and he wears a diaper so it's much less messy. Bentley, however, should have been trained by now. This is obviously why my sister-in-law got fed up with watching said pup for her nephew and we have been tapped to be puppy foster parents.

So, no shower for me today!!! No scrapping, no putting away of Christmas stuff, nothing!! Oh, wait. I did get a load of whites in the wash. Baby steps! LOL! Fortunately, Maverick was only for the day. Bentley will be here for about six months. I see lots of "accident" cleaning and twice daily loooong walks. Beagles are notoriously high energy according to my dad. I'm trying to stay positive and think of the weight loss this may bring and not about the cold, rainy winters we have here in Oregon.

I can think of no positive side to having to clean up puppy pee so I need some help from you. Have you ever house trained a dog? I haven't. Our dogs were all over a year and already trained by the time we got them. I did take a few classes in college and high school that covered training a dog and I got good grades. There was no practical exam however and I need your tips. Please, please, please help us!!! Bentley has to sleep outside until he's trained, poor guy. It's not too horrible though, because the dog house is heated. (We have a whippet and he can't be outside without a heated house to warm up in.) But, we'd like Bentley to be able to hang out inside without having to go out every few minutes.

Please help!!!


Thanks, guys!!! :D


joscelyne cutchens said...

OH NO! Good Luck to you there.

IamDerby said...

I have never trained a dog but my mom says you just take them out, tell them to pee... praise lots when finished and then bring them in. If they go on the floor you show it to them and scold with a no no. then take them out and tell them go, repeat praise.. blah blah. She says the key is to get them out before they go in the house and heap on the praise. I myself just prefer cats, LOL

qoedvc98 said...

I just saw your blog and thought I'd chime in on the puppyraising. Thank you for stepping in to take care of your nephew's pup. It'll take a lot of patience and perseverance but it'll all be worth it in the end (albeit might be a little hard to give him up then).

Look into crate training - this is much more humane than leaving the dog outside. :( I could go into a long detailed explanation but the best thing to do is buy (or borrow) a "Housetraining for Dummies" book. It is super easy to read and is very helpful. You can skip around as needed but this book was invaluable to us. Some web resources to check out:
(they have about 24 different links to peruse)

We crate-trained our dog and she had the bathroom routine down pat within a week. She never had an accident in the house until she was very sick which was understandable.

GL and thanks again for stepping up to the plate to take care of Bentley!