Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tagged again!!!

I've been tagged again by my vertically blessed friend, Joscie (rhymes with bossy!). :D So, without further are seven more random things about me!

1. I've never broken a major bone. I've broken fingers and toes but nothing major.

2. I've never had a major surgery. The closest I've come is getting my wisdom's out and having general anesthesia for that.

3. I've never gotten over liking cartoons. I'm a kid at heart and that's the way I like it!!! :D

4. I've shrunk 3/4". I used to be 5'10" and when they measured my height during my pregnancy, I was 5' 9 1/4"!!! Where that 3/4 of an inch went, I'll never know!!!

5. I've always liked kids and animals. Wherever I am, if there's a kid or an animal, I'm usually down on the floor playing with them. Love them!!! :D

6. I've always liked cottage cheese. As a baby, I loved it and I still love it now! Yummy on salad, or with fruit, or with crackers or on it's own. YUM!!!

7. I've always wanted to be a mom. When I was in high school, I said I wanted a dozen kids! Then, I switched to 2 or 3. Now that I've got Mickey, I'd like four! He's a really good kid.

There it is. Seven more random things about me. :D Now, if you want to play along, go to your blog and post seven random things about you.

Tag, you're it!!! :D


Samantha said...

I loved reading your seven random facts!! I've been tagged by Joscie, too :) We're very much alike in the kid/animal department - love them both!!

joscelyne cutchens said...

loved reading your randomness! hope you're having a great day!