Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mickey at 15 months

Mickey turned 15 months old on Monday and we celebrated by taking him to the doctor and getting him poked in the leg twice.

Who wants me to throw their next birthday party!!! :D

The we in the first sentence is my mom and me. I innocently called mom and asked her if she wanted to accompany us to the doctor and then to Costco. She innocently said sure. Neither of realized that with two nurses calling in sick and one intern trailing our doctor that the simple well-child check-up would last for two hours!!!! He was weighed and measured, poked and proded and found out how to open doors. It was sooo funny! Little Man in nothing but his diaper, booking it down the hall!!! Anyway, sorry mom, I didn't know that it would take so long and thanks for being there to help me distract him!

And, without further ado... are Little Man's stats at 15 months!!!

Height-31 3/4" (75th percentile) Not a suprise, Andrew is 6'3" and I'm a little over 5'9". We are not a short family.

Weight-24 1/2 lbs (50th percentile) He's finally starting to put on some weight. He was only in the 25th percentile for weight last time!!

Names-Mitchell Jack, Mickey, Little Man, Booger, Booger-butt, Boogie, Boogs. I see therapy bills in our future!

Words-dog, dada, kee-kah (kitty cat), oof (woof), choo-choo. Note the absence of mama from his vocab. This may have something to do with the aforementioned birthday shots! Dog was his first word and his Great-Grandma is the one who taught him woof!!!

Signs-drink, eat, luvs, so big, and sticks out his tongue on command (yep, Andrew & I are soooo mature!)

Locomotion-he's walking almost all the time now. If he biffs it, he lands on his hands and either gets back up or just crawls for a little while. He's learned to take the cushions off the couch so he can crawl up there. He's quite the little home destroyer decorator! He tries to climb up on everything. Loves stairs!!

Relationships-loves his family. Loves them! If we leave him with his relatives for the evening, he doesn't even fuss when we are leaving. He will fuss when I leave him with just dad. (Sorry Andrew but I've got to have something since he doesn't say mama!!)

Attitude-seriously a good kid. Mellow, happy, easygoing. Yep, I'm really, really lucky!!! He can handle a dirty diaper or being tired or being hungry but not two of those at once. If he is unhappy and crying he is easily distracted and calmed. He even gets over his little accidents (smushed finger, cat scratch, shots) really quickly. I've had people say to me "What a good kid." and they say that on his fussy day!!! LOL!!!

Sleep habits-Warning!!! If your kid doesn't sleep well, please don't read this or you will hate me! Mickey goes to bed at 8:00 pm and wakes up at 6:00 am for a sippy of milk and then goes back to sleep until 8:00 am. He has two naps, one at about 10:30 and another at about 3:00. The last few nights he has skipped waking at 6 am and is sleeping for 12 hours straight. Remember, you can't hate me because I warned you not to read this!!!

Eating habits-He has a sippy of milk at 6am, breakfast at 8am, sippy of milk at 10:30, lunch at noon, sippy of milk at 2:30pm, snack at 4pm, dinner at 6pm and sippy of milk (warmed) at 7:30. He gets water or water/juice mix with his meals and for a snack it's usually a cheese stick which he loves. He is a huge fan of bananas, likes to eat what we eat, and really isn't that fond of cooked green beans. He'll try everything and (if we say "mmmmmm" while he's eating it) he normally likes it.

Negatives-ummm, he's not potty-trained, he won't pick up his toys and he is soooooo much cuter than me!!!

On a serious note, I think God gave us such a great, easy-going kid to make up for taking our first child at 11 weeks into the pregnancy. We appreciate Mickey so much more than we would have, had that not happened to us. We love him just as much as we would have but, we appreciate him more.

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Marilyn said...

That was awesome to read about Mickey! What a great way to tell the story.

I also wanted to let you know I am back online, just in case you were wondering.

Take care, see you next month hopefully!!