Thursday, January 24, 2008

My All-Time Favorite Kid Movies

I'm not sure what brought this to mind but, here is a list of some of my favorite kid no particular order. Oh, and they are from when I was a kid. :D

1) The Phantom Tollbooth-I love this movie. It's half real life and half animated and completely cool! It's got weirdness and math!!!

2) The Dark Crystal-Great movie, I saw it in the drive-in as a kid...kind of scary though! My favorite line is when Jen says to Kira that he doesn't have wings and she tells him, "Of course not, you're a boy!" :D

3) Charlie Brown Christmas. Just love this movie. :D

4) Labyrnth-Another fun one that's a little scary with great music!! Thank you David Bowie! The creepiest part is when the orange creatures play catch...with their own heads!!!!

5) The Last Unicorn-I loved this one before I saw it. A movie about a unicorn?!?! I'm there!!

6) The Never-Ending Story-Let's see...a movie about a book worm who becomes part of the could I not love that!!! I spent more time reading than playing with other kids as a child so this one really hit home!! :D

7) The Goonies~A cool movie and it was filmed in Oregon!! :D

8) Watership Down~Loved the movie, loved the book. This one is another slightly scary one though. I think I was a little older when I saw it and my dad was a hunter so it didn't really scare me.

9) The Secret of Nimh~Loved, loved, loved this movie!!! I loved mice and even at a young age I was all about a female character kicking a male characters tushy!! Oh, yeah! Girl power!

10) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory~a movie about candy and spoiled kids that get what they deserve. Sigh!

I'm sure I missed some good ones.

What were your favorite kid movies?


Nicole P. said...

I think my favorite off of your list would be The Neverending Story. In fact, I still love that movie.
Hmmm, I am thinking...what was my favorite movie when I was a kid?? I can tell you that I did not really watch kids movies. So this is hard. When I would visit my grandmother, she had a library of movies for us to watch that included Smokey and the Bandit, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Coal Miners Daughter....stuff like that. I don't really remember ever watching a kids movie, except for Pete's Dragon. I got to see that in the theater.

Corina said...

I was such a Diseny baby! I watched snow white so many times we bought 2 of them just in case! :P

shaina said...

Oh no you didn't! The dark crystal, secret of nyhm, and The last unicorn were all movies I HATED! My sister loved them and I couldn't stand to watch them. I guess I was never into cartoon/animation. Oh well.

tigardlilly said...

A little of topice, but I'm tagging you, see my blog for details!

inara said...

I loved many of these also, especially "The Neverending Story"!!!