Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yesterday was a Great Day!

And, here is why!

~Granny got her Coach wallet that she had been looking all over for. And, she got it for less than she paid the last time she bought a Coach wallet, years ago!! This was very important for my Norwegian grandmother who grew up in the Depression era. Go, Granny!!! :D

~I got my chocolate brown Coach purse. Sigh, it is lovely. I also got a little wallet to go with it and a cute little pouch as well. I really will get a lot of use out of this purse because I wear tons of brown. Funny story about this. I was talking to my salesclerk at Coach (yes, I have my own) and we were discussing this purse. She said, "Well, you do wear a lot of brown." Yep, not only does this Coach store employee recognize me when I come in, she knows what I wear. It's pretty funny!!! (She has promised to pretend she has no idea who I am if I come in with Andrew!! LOL!!!)

~Mom got a cute little organizer pouch for her purse. We did have to weigh three options to decide. And, I mean weigh!!! Mom likes her purses lightweight and for anything to make the cut to be added to her purse, it must be lightweight!!! :D

~Mickey, even without napping until after 6:00, was really well behaved. And, he ate half a grilled cheese sandwich (his first) like a sandwich!!! He didn't pull it apart or anything. He is really growing up!

~We went to a scrapbook store called Lighthouse Scrapbooks, that will be closing in a few weeks and they had everything 50% off! I got a 50 pack of Bazzill white for a great deal! (And, some other choice goodies as well!) Also, the owner and I were talking and she will be starting up (well, re-starting) an online kit club. I told her that I belonged to one kit club and was on the design team for another and I gave her my e-mail address. Well, she e-mailed me last night and I sent her links to here, Fresh Pages and my gallery and she's considering me for her design team!!! So cool! I hesitated a little before telling her about being on a design team (didn't want to sound braggy or like I was suggesting anything) but, I've decided that if you want things in life, you have to put that intention out there. Even if she doesn't pick me to be on her DT, I'm still proud of myself. :D

~I got some great clothing deals for Mickey for the next few years. At The Children's Place, I got him a bunch of t-shirts for $.99 each, some warm hats for next year for $2.50 and a super cute pair of camo shorts!! I also found some $1.00 socks and some $2.00 shirts. But, the Old Navy Outlet was where I really scored! Socks for $.25, shoes for $3.50, shirts for $1.75, jeans for $3.50, and sweatshirts for $3.99! All of their clearance was 50% off the lowest marked price! I bought him stuff for up to 4T at both stores.

~But, the best thing about yesterday was that Granny, Mom, Mickey and I all got to enjoy each other's company from 9:00am to 7:30pm. Driving, shopping, and eating were all made better by the great conversations we had. And, Mickey got some great one-on-one time with his great-grandma. It was an all around great day!!!


joscelyne cutchens said...

OH Erica, That sounds like such a nice time! Yes, that is funny that you have your own clerk... yay for your chocolate brown purse! I wish we had old navy outlet. we have outlets, but not an old navy outlet. :)

shaina said...

Our neighbor works at a coach outlet here. Glad you got a brown purse. Sounds lovely.

What fun being on a design team! I haven't ever tried out for one, but think it would be totally fun.

Glad you found great deals. I'm all about a clearance sale!

Samantha said...

Wow! You had a great time with your family :) I wish my mom was closer or that I was closer to her. I miss that one on one shopping time!!

Congrats on all the fun Coach stuff and on the possibilitiy of a spot on a new DT. I wish you luck!!

IamDerby said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Bazzill 50% off, gotta love that! Hope you make the DT!

Corina said...

woo hoo for Coach purses, LOL! I think i finally talked my mom into getting one too... nothing like an enabler, hehe! Good luck on DT also!

Dettao said...

Very cool about the design team. I think I'm going to start trying harder to get on one, myself. Good luck