Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy and Sad Things...

I got an e-mail from Chrys at Scrapbook Attack today asking if I'd like to be their Featured Customer for the month of May! Why, yes! I'd love to be your featured customer! ;)

Mom, Mickey and I zipped into the aforementioned Scrapbook Attack first thing this morning to pick up my leftovers from their Garage Sale this weekend. I was soooo excited to find out that I had only one box full left out of the four that I brought in. (Andrew will be very excited about that, too!) I was hoping I'd sold about $100.00 worth of stuff. Well, we put my stuff in my car, went back inside and got my total. $251!!!!! Blew me away!!! My first thought was to buy a Silhouette but they are $369 and since we are trying to buy a house (more on that in a moment) I really shouldn't be spending more money. So, now I think I'm going to buy a Bind-it-all and then use the rest for shopping. I have until July to spend my credit so that means I can shop there for the next few months and only have to pay for gas!!! Yay!!! :D

I digi-scrapped this weekend! I know, I know, it's shocking. But, it was for a good cause. I had to make this for my brother's going away party.

My little brother is moving to New York and I'm going to miss him terribly. He came up with the idea to base the invite on the MetroCard and I ran with it. The back is based on the MetroCard, too. But, I can't figure out how to blur our contact info so I can't post it. :) It was actually a lot of fun to do!

We are headed down to Sutherlin, Oregon this weekend. There will be a memorial at the Oakland High School for my Uncle Joe. Then, the family is headed up to Aunt Linda's to send him off right! There will be lots of family, lots of food and drink, lots of tears and a lot of reminiscing.

We may have found a house! I found it on Craig's List and in the small town way of things (welcome to Canby!) we know the guy selling it. His sister is my sister-in-law's good friend and my old realtor. Andrew knows him through work, I think. Even funnier, my mom knows the people who used to own the house. I'm calling him today to schedule a viewing, he's got renters in there right now, and I hope we can look at it soon!


joscelyne cutchens said...

Hey Erica! Yay on the house, good luck! That metro card invite is super cute! In PSE, select the info you want to blur, go to filter and blur- gaussian blur . that should do it! I was reading the house thing, like, what the ?? is a loaf shed?

inara said...

Yay for LSS credit! Yay for finding a cute house! Sorry about the loss of your uncle. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Liz Ness said...

Woo found your new home (and featured customer..? AWESOME)!