Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo a Day for May

~Kim~ on the CKMB, suggested a picture of the day for the month of May. I'm going to try to do this. I won't be able to post a pic on Saturday but, I'll try to post the rest of the month. I think I'll be able to do it, though. I've been working on my photography ever since my class with Karen Russell. I've been so pleased with my photos since that class! :D I even got some good ones at my in-laws anniversary a dark restaurant!! Oh, yeah!

My in-laws, Dorothy and Norman

My sister-in-law Kathy with Mickey. I love how they have the exact same look on their faces! :D

My niece, Kristen. She's graduating from high school this year. She was NINE when I started dating Andrew...and now she's graduating!!!!

I'm hoping to get lots of photos of my dad's family this weekend. My uncle passing so quickly has really brought it home to me how important photos are. We didn't get to go see him before he died and his future grandchildren will only get to know him through stories and pictures. So, my goal this weekend is to try to capture what I love about each and every one of my family members. Wish me luck, I have a big family! :D And, I don't know why but writing that makes me cry. Maybe it's because my big family just got a little smaller.

Tell your family you love them today, okay? :) {{{{{sniffles and hugs to you all from me}}}}}


Miss Onigur said...

I think that's GREAT you are going to take pictures of your family! We had a family reunion on my Mom's side a few months ago. The last time we were all together was 10 yrs before!!! That's terrible. Of course, we took pictures of each family and the "Whole Bunch" but we don't live that far away that we couldn't just take a "long weekend" and go! I applaud you! I'm also trying to take more pics of family {ME included!} Life is too short and it happens. We need to enjoy more! Thanks for the post, now, I need to go find kleenex! Veronica

Crys said...

((hugs)) I know exactly how you feel, we just lost my mother in law last week. Luckily we inherited a lot of pictures from her life that helped tell a story that she never wanted to share with us, so we have little pieces of her to pass on. But yes, definitely take lots of pictures now, of everyday life, of EVERYONE (including you) :) Good luck with the photo-a-day challenge!

Corina said...

HUGE {{hugs!}} I adore that pic looking at the cell phone - PRICELESS!