Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quick Updates

Things I've done...
~mailed our taxes yesterday.
~gave Mickey a buzzy on Sunday.
~Scrapbooked from 7pm till 4am at Christina's on Saturday/Sunday!
~Went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival on Saturday.
~got sunburnt (just part of my forehead, nose and my forearms!) Friday at the garage sale at my dad's house.

Things I need to do...
~clean the bathroom.
~catch up on laundry.
~go grocery shopping.
~upload all my pics from my external hard drive to scrapbookpictures.com.

Things I want to do...
~finish the board book I started at Christina's for Mickey.
~go to Big Lots.
~upload all my pictures I've taken in the last few days.
~read some more Agatha Christie!


Lynn said...

Nothing like waiting til the last minute on those taxes! We also mailed ours the 14th! LOL! Hope you get some of your to do list done!

inara said...

looks like you're being very industrious!!!

Alex Vorn said...

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The best!