Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ARGH! I missed a day! :D

I didn't take a picture for Cinco de Mayo. But, I think I made up for it yesterday. I took Mickey to the zoo today for the first time. We met my little brother, Cody and spent the afternoon with him. Co-co is moving to New York a week from today. :( Anyway, at the zoo, I took a lot of pictures. I filled a 2GB card and then took 75 more pics on another card!!! I haven't uploaded them yet because I need to go through and delete the really blurry/bad/repetitive ones. But, I do have pics for the 3rd and 4th of May.
This is my photo for the 3rd, Mickey asleep on the way to my Uncle Joe's memorial. He only slept for about 15 minutes before we stopped and he woke up. Then, he didn't get to sleep again that day until 9:30 that night!
This is my photo for the 4th. It's my Aunt Linda (Joe's wife) on the left and my Aunt Toyia (Joe's sister) on the right. We were at the Abby's in Sutherlin for a family breakfast.
Now, I just need to make sure I take a picture for today.vAndrew’s father is in the hospital right now. It's not immediately life threatening but it is very serious. We are going to visit him in the ICU this afternoon.

I got to see my college roommate Yvonne's little man yesterday for the first time. Mickey and I showed up about an hour and a half late because we totally lost track of time at the zoo. Connor is such a cutie! He even smiled at me! And, those dimples...don't get me started on them! Adorable! I wish I had a pic of him but, I didn't bring in my camera because I was afraid we'd have to leave quickly, in case the news about Andrew's dad turned out worse than we thought.

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