Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good news...finally!

Well, actually first some bad news. On Monday, Andrew's mom was taken by ambulance to the ER. She's been in CCU and we almost lost her. Mickey and I were there for over six hours yesterday and Andrew and I went tonight. Yesterday, she was soooo bad. She wasn't coherent and she had a litany of issues...she's septic, has pneumonia, had a mild heart attack, infections in both lungs and renal failure. Very scary. But, today she is so much better!!! She's talking to us and looks like a real person again. Such a relief!

It looks like my cousin will only have to have some cells frozen or burned off. We'll know more about that on Friday.

My mom is doing better too. She did have a bit of a "wave" of something last night but thinks it was because she was pulling weeds and sweeping the driveway. So, she's just resting now. Her appointments are tomorrow with both her GP and her neurologist. Hopefully they have some info for us. Or at least, a blood thinner that doesn't make her sick.

Thank you all for your kind words. It really helped much more than you all know!

Thank you!


inara said...

I'm glad everyone's doing better!

Lynn said...

Glad to know everyone's making some progress! Must have been a tough week! Hope things continue getting better!
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Monkdabutt said...

I'm goad that your family is a little better, not hard when someone is sick.

Corina said...

So glad things are making a turn for the better!!