Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Cards (Mom, Don't Look!!!)

I finished my cards for Mother's Day last night. It's so fun to be able to make girly stuff and I love how they turned out.

The first one is for my mother-in-law, Dorothy. Her favorite color is turquoise, so I figured some of the glittery diecuts from Making Memories Noteworthy line would be perfect. I also used a Studio G stamp here! Oh, yeah baby! Justifiing buying a ton of the dollar stamps by using one of them!!! Hahahahaha! :D I used a few other really cool things on it as well but, I forgot to take a close up. I'll have to do another post about those things anyway. Gotta enable my girls, don't you know!

And this is the inside of the card where my hubby will write something meaningful and witty. He is so good at that. I am terrible at expressing my feelings in writing. I think that's why I love to make the people I love cards, it's how I show I care. :)

This next card is for my mom. I have a love/hate relationship, not with my mom, but with making stuff for my mom. I love making stuff for her but, I hate having to wait for her to see it!! LOL!!!

I used my newly won Revolution to make this shaped card. The green flower and the button center (it's actually an epoxy shape) are both Making Memories. The flower is from their Garden Party line and the button is 5th Avenue. Oh! The swirls are Studio G Series 11 stamps! (And I added a little extra something...can't wait for that next post, can ya?)

I used another of my new favorite tools on the inside of this card. (I'll show you that in my next post. Are you getting excited yet?)

OK, last card. This one is for my Granny. It's a card/gift all in one!

Where's the gift, you ask? Well, the flower comes off and....'s a clip! I stacked two Imaginesce flowers, attached them with a brad, glued the clip onto a green felt flower and covered the back of the brad with the felt. I had wanted to make a broach for my granny but as she is 89 11/12 and has arthritis, it's hard for her to work those little clasps. So...a clip!!! :D

Oh, and the paper is Making Memories Chelsea's Place, you know, that line that was at Mike's?'s glittered! Just on the flowers so it's not overwhelming. I really hope she likes it.

Have a great Saturday!!!


inara said...

those cards are gorgeous!!!

Kay said...

The cards are great and that clip is beautiful!!! I love making little things like that. They are so special. I love how you thought about her limitations and worked around them. You're one smart chika!

inara said...

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", right??? So I may have scraplifted one of your cards for both my mom AND my grandma. Thanks for making it so easy for me to make quick cards in between church and going to visit them for mother's day!!!

Lynn said...

Hi Erica!
How did you use your revolution to make the shape card? I have the rev. and love the card! I think it is funny what you said aobut your hubby...I made my MIL's card and then gave it to my dh to write because I usually just write something lame! =) Love the clip too...I made smaller ones for my dd and also sold some at a bazaar!

Samantha said...

Awesome cards, Erica!! I've missed reading your blog and hope to have more time to visit often :)

I hope you had a terrific Mother's Day!! {{HUGS}}

Corina said...

BEAUTIFUL cards!! Such a cute idea with the hair clip too!