Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Plum Tuckered Out!

Emotionally that is. My little brother, Cody left us for New York City today. We had a dinner today just us and our parents, Andrew, little man and Grannie. I gave Cody a mini book I made (this afternoon!!!) about his going away BBQ on Saturday. It turned out pretty cool and I think he liked it. Afterwards, I was the one who drove him to the airport.

We went to our uncle Doug's house first. Cody drove so I could photograph his mini album, I'll post the pics tomorrow. :D Co picked up his stuff and said goodbye to our awesome uncle. Uncle Doug has let Cody live in his basement for minimal rent for the last two or three years. So, it was an emotional goodbye.

Co and I talked the whole way to the airport about non-New York stuff. Once we got there, I got out to help him get his stuff and then I had to say goodbye. I held up pretty well through the hug and then lost it when I got back in the truck and he walked away. I cried and sobbed and when I wasn't calming down, I called Andrew. A few minutes later, I was okay. Well, sort of.

Anyway, that's how I am right now. Just emotionally wrung out.

Oh! And, I think we found our house! We have to see if they will come down in price, with this market I think they'll have to, but it's a great house. Well, for us at least. The roof is shake which will need replacing and the two full baths are dated and need remodeling. The kitchen and laundry room have the 70's dark cabinets with the thin edges and both rooms will need remodeling as well.

But, there are four bedrooms, another half bath and enough outbuildings for us. It would be a great 30 year home for us.

So, we are hoping that he is flexible and not too emotionally attached to the home. He actually has it rented right now, so hopefully that's not an issue. Then, we have to sell our house. Yipes! I hope it sells quickly. We need the extra room for when my brother comes home to visit!

Cody, I miss you already!


tigardlilly said...

I'm sorry you're already missing your brother so much. May be you can busy your mind with remodle ideas! I'll cross my fingers for you.

joscelyne cutchens said...

(((hugs))) sorry to hear about your brother's move. Good luck with the house!

inara said...

I'm sorry to hear about your bro leaving. Don't let yourself get too blue now!!! Maybe you need some retail therapy??? Or maybe another crop??? Let me know if there's anything I can do!!!

And yay about the house! That is cool.