Friday, June 27, 2008

I've lost 240 pounds!!!

Well, I've lost 15 and Andrew is gone fishing with my dad until Sunday! LOL! My friend Jackie is coming over Saturday morning and we are going to USE some of the goodies we bought last Saturday! I can't wait! :D

Here are some recent pictures just to give you all something fun to look at!

Little man eating lemons!

My lovely niece Claire playing with Mickey. :D
Hey now! Here's that 225 lbs I lost! LOL! :D

Andrew took this picture of me and I love how it turned out! Great job, baby!!!

Oh, and I have some more good news! My cousin Aaron and his wife, Jenny are pregnant!!! They are due around Valentine's Day. It's such a wonderful thing. Aaron's the oldest son of my Uncle Joe who recently passed away. Babies are such a wonderful and healing thing! :D


joscelyne cutchens said...

little man is getting to be a big boy... :) so cute! and I love that picture of you. good job handing off the camera! :)

inara said...

have an awesome time! can't wait to see the pics!

shaina said...

Great pictures! It's nice to have a weekend to yourself every once in a while!

Corina said...

Awesome pics, and a huge congrats on the weight loss!! ;D