Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Family Reunion!

July is family month for us!!! Here are some photos from the Manley-Goodman-Corbin family reunion. This reunion is pretty much all about the kids. My cousins are all pretty much in the same age group and we are all poppin' out little ones left and right. Which is a good thing because Little Man most likely isn't getting any more first cousins! So, I'm glad he will have a ton of second cousins his age! :D

Here he is getting into trouble. Pretty campsite, huh? We've been going here for about 25 years now.

I couldn't get enough of this little guy and his adorable eyes! He's my cousin's friend's soon-to-be adopted son. In the first two months of his life he'd been through so much but the system worked for him and now he is so loved and adored it's ridiculous! I loved him!
Here's my aunt Linda. I love her smile! :D

This is my cousin Joe's wife, Shari. They brought their six-week old baby girl, Sage. I loved her, too. I didn't hold her though, I was just at the tail end of a cold and so I just took pictures of her every time I saw her! LOL!

My aunt Shawnie. I love her so much!!!

My cousin Lizzie and her little man, Cole. They are so stinkin' cute!!! Juicy lips abound for that part of the family!

Mickey, rockin' a faux-hawk!!! (Andrew hated it! Hee!)

Payton marshalling her troops!

An evening visitor!

The moon reflecting over the swimming area.

The whole gang!!! (Thanks to my tripod and remote!!)

Nick!!! He's three months younger than Mickey and he wasn't feeling very well. But, he's still as cute as all get out with that hair and that grin!!! Love him!!!

Here she is!! Baby Sage! She's got her daddy wrapped around her finger like nobodies business!!!
Payton, again! Love this kid! Alot!!!
Keilei and Marnie sharing some secrets! Keilei hadn't made an appearance at the reunion for six years so it was pretty cool to have her there. They are flippin' gorgeous aren't they!!!
Marnie's middle daughter, Skye. She found a dead catfish and in proper Manley family tradition, brought it up for everyone to see! :D

Hope you enjoyed our reunion! I know I did. Even with the park ranger coming by to tell us that we were singing too loud it was a great time. I start looking forward to this reunion on the drive home. :D


shaina said...

Aren't family reunions the best!! Great pictures.
You need to email me so I can email you some recipes!

Becky Pospical said...

Hey there! That does look like a great place to go camping!! Where is that anyway?

Dettao said...

Now how could you be singing too loud in the great outdoors?!