Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Few Photos from Last Weekend

My Uncle Bob and Aunt LeeAnne. These two are the neatest! Promise! :D
Little Man getting some "help" from his cousin. :D She's a cutie, ain't she? (I'm from Canby, I can say ain't!!!)
Little Man showing that he doesn't need any help! (What is it with men and wheelies? I totally thought I had a few more years before he started doing them!)
The gang hanging out in the kitchen.
Doing a quilting puzzle in honor of the Quilt Show in Sisters! I didn't go with, I went shopping in Bend. :D Yummy scrap stores there!
This is my cousin Kelley and her husband Dreas. She is Bob and LeeAnne's daughter. And...she's pregnant!!! Squeal!!! Whoo-hooo!! I'm majorly excited and just minor-ly jealous!

Aunt Linda and Uncle Jeff. Don't you love her shirt? It's even cooler in person! I so want scrapbook paper like that shirt!
Uncle David and Aunt Cindy. We were celebrating their birthdays. They are 100!!! :D

Well, that's the highlights. We had a nice time in SunRiver reconnecting with family. I'm looking forward to this weekend and some more family time! And, camping!!! :D



Veronica said...

Family is GREAT, ain't they?? Hey, I'm from the south. I can say "ain't" also! LOL Love your new blog header!

Corina said...

Your family looks so fun! Little man and his wheels are soo cute too! :P