Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Fourth (Part II) ~The Scotts Mills Edition~

After the parade, we headed home to get ready to go to Scotts Mills and hang out with a group of Andrew's high school buddies.

I had to finish making this cake.

And, pack up these goodies for the kids.
Jason and Jackie (our hosts) have the coolest, kid-friendliest house ever!
They also have a creek in their backyard that Mickey fell in love with.

Well, he fell in love with throwing rocks in it! :D
Speaking of love...
...Mickey loved this trike! He didn't want to stop riding on it all evening! I've been checking out Craig's List and garage sales looking for one for him. :D
Nope, this isn't the goofiest picture I have of my hubby but, it's close!
It finally started to get dark and the kids got to play with sparklers. (Mickey is actually playing with a light-up toy phone, I wasn't about to let him near a sparkler!) Little man went to bed shortly after the sparklers were handed out!
One of the girls lighting a sparkler.
Another cool sparkler shot.
A shot of our legal fireworks.

And, the best shot I got of our illegal fireworks.

My next post will have news of two pretty cool things and some pictures of my scraproom with my new chest in it. It may also just have info about a RAK!!! Tell your friends! LOL!


inara said...

I gave you an award, better come check it out on my blog!!!


Chrispea said...

Hi, thanks for stopping at my blog today. And, I was just on Work in Progress kits, and you were an honorable mention for the DT. Congrats!! That's pretty exciting news!!

Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a good 4th! Don't you just love small town parades? We were in Manzanita on the coast and they have a little parade too! The kids loved it and made quite a haul in candy!