Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some Cool News and a RAK!!

First up, the good news! I applied to be on the design team for Work In Progress. I really love their kits and their site. You have to check them out! I actually have them bookmarked under Inspiration and not Kit Clubs!! LOL! Anyway, I didn't make the team but they did give me an honorable mention. Pretty cool, huh? :D
Also, my laundry room looked like this last night.

It now looks like this!!! :D

Dry wall, baby! They are coming to appply another coat of goop(technical term) and then hopefully sanding tomorrow afternoon and applying texture. That means we can paint when we get back from SunRiver on Sunday and then move the water heater back in. Yep, I am without hot water at the moment. Fortunately, mom's house is empty and nearby!

My other good news is that I've got my first wedding gig! My husband's best friend is getting married 8-8-08 and the bride to be, Karen, didn't want to hire some stranger to boss everyone around while taking pictures. So, I told her that I'd be sure to take lots of pictures since she didn't have an official photographer. Jackie (our hostess for the Fourth) suggested she "hire" me for the job. Karen was all over it and I think it's pretty cool, too. I'm just going to take a ton of candids and any formal shots that she or the families want. It will be kind of like my cousin's wedding when the pro couldn't make the reception because of an emergency.

So, now for the RAK. I really want to do a good, no make that GREAT job for Ron and Karen. I need your help! Please give me your best outdoor wedding photography tips. Or, if you don't have any link to your favorite wedding photographers site. If you don't have one just tell me what you think of "Candidly, Erica" as the name for my not-quite-a-business name. I'll pick a name from the comments on Sunday and send that person this!




Kay said...

WTG!!! That is really awesome news! I don't have much advice at all. If you think the bride is into it try doing some "fun formal" shots. Do you have or have access to a large frame. It would be great to do a full family shot with the couple holding the frame at a angle. Does that make sense? Oh by the way LOVE the name!

blondegrrlie said...

Oh I have too many favorites to list all but here are some great ones:

Good luck!! Don't forget to show us some shots!!

Scraprageous said...

I like the Candidly Erica name - it is unique and your own!

Outdoor shots - my aunt had an outdoor wedding in the fall - everything was beautiful.

Good luck with your venture!

tigardlilly said...

It's not really an outdoor tip, but you might have the bride list shots she definatly wants, then you can cross them off as you take them so nonr grt forgotten. (Marilyn's photog forgot the bride and groom shot)

Other than that, I love "Candidly, Erica"

AuBien said...

My first time on your hint would be not to have EVERY photo "posed." Some of my favorite shots from my wedding were taken by a friend who is a FANTASTIC photographer as a favor. He took shots of the wedding party and of us...we were all together looking at the camera ...but not in one of those stiff "get you all in the photo" shots. He'd get two or three friends together and have them smile for the camera...and wow...we have some great photos from that. I liked his photos better than the photographer's! I wrote down a list of all the photos I wanted...specific such as which head shots, which waist shots and which full length. My photographer did her own thing instead of my list and it REALLY disappointed me when I got my photos back.

Good luck with your venture!

Jingle said...

Congrats! My best tip for you is to take the shots "between the shots." While you always want those beautifully posed photographs, the best shots you will get will be those of the bride and groom laughing and chatting with each other between the requested poses. Sometimes it's worth getting them to pose just to get the "other" shots! LOL! Click AFTER they know the photo has been taken and BEFORE they know you are ready. That will give you more natural and comfortable smiles and positions. I got the BEST photos at my BIL's wedding simply by following this principle!

Scrapper Lady - CKMB said...

I LOVE the "Candidly, Erica" name. It really says it all!!
Since, I have never been the photographer for a wedding, I am certainly no expert but, here is my two cents anyway.
Remember, to get the candid shots too. Posed shots are lovely but, "moments" can be priceless.
I love pics of hands and have seen this done with the brides and her mothers hands. It was simply beautiful in its simplicity! You could also do the bride w/ mother and father, groom w/ mother and father or??

obxpatti said...

The name is great for your new business adventure.
I would say that in all the weddings I've attended or have been in, the best pictures are those that just randomly happen, KWIM? A good friend took a picture of DH and me at a friend's wedding where he was wispering in my ear and I was laughing. You can't see our faces, but it is the best picture. Good luck!

Laci J said...

Hey there, I've been doing outdoor weddings for the past year so go check out my blog.
and here I'll add some faves.
I worked with this lady last year:

Hope those help! My best advice would be to talk to the couple a lot, dont be shy.

shaina said...

well, if there are a lot of siblings on the bride's side, you could do what we do, and take a pic of the brothers pulling the bride from one side, and the groom on the other side, pulling back...
It's a tradition in my fam, since we have 10 kids...

Love the name, and I agree, candid shots are some of the best!

Jennifer Bush said...

See if the bride and groom will agree to an "At First Glance" session before the wedding. This would be where you would have them stand back to back and then turn around and see each other for the very first time. As everyone knows when you are walking down the aisle you don't get much time to ooh and aah at each other before the ceremony starts. This "At First Glance" is a wonderful opportunity for the couple to spend some much needed time alone and a great opportunity for the photographer to capture some great shots at the wonder and awe on their faces when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. You can also do some great posed shots of the bride and groom now as trust me, the time after the ceremony will be hectic and short as no matter what the bride and groom tell you, they are anxious to go to their reception and have fun with their friends and family and the last thing they want is to spend a lot of time taking pictures. I would also recommend getting as many of the formal shots you can out of the way before the ceremony such as the bride with bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, and so on. It just makes things go much smoother as you aren't trying to round everyone up and getting frustrated as so and so keeps disappearing to the reception. Also, bring back up equipement of EVERYTHING....cameras, flashes, batteries, you name it.

Here is some inspiration for you:

Hope this helps!

Jennifer aka jewel71 on Ck Message Board

Kathy T said...

I love the name! Clever and will keep your name "out there". My daughter got married out side in August on a terribly hot day. LOL. I agree some of the candid shots are priceless. Good Luck

Latrice said...

Hey girlie!! Long time no talk. How are you? You've been busy over here. Love the goodie bags you made on the fourth. I just started my own business. Any Occasion Paper Creations. I'm excited about it.

As for advice on otdoor shots. Get one of him leaning back to kiss her with maybe water behind them. Definitely a ring shot too. I missed out on one at my wedding.

I think Candidly Erica is a great name. CE would make a great logo!!


Chrispea said...

I'm just stoppin' by to say congrats on the honorable mention!! woo-hoo. Love your business name!!

lizness said...

Hey there! Best wishes to you. Also, please don't enter me for the RAK (I'm so stashed right now, I really shouldn't be adding to it, heh-heh). And, I'm not schooled in wedding photography but this gal is -- and man, is she good!

Have a blast (and congratulations on the dry-wall)!

whirligigdaisy said...

I'm not a great photographer, but I love this guys work:

I love how sometimes he just catches those moments when people don't know they're being photographed. Those are the priceless pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love the name Candidly, Erica.

No advice or photo tips but here is my cousin's website for some great shots. He does less traditional stuff and is awesome!

scrapalicious mama from CKMB

Staci said...

Congrats on the honorable mention and on the drywall - good news on both accounts :-)