Thursday, September 25, 2008

12 Weeks and a Quilt Expo!

I am twelve weeks along as of today! Hopefully the first trimester weariness and nausea will really start to drop off. My next appointment and the first one where I'll actually be doing anything is a week from tomorrow.

Today Mickey and I went to the Portland Quilt Expo with my mom, grandma and my mom's friend, Martha. It was a ton of fun! We got there at 10:00 and didn't leave until almost 2:00! I only bought a few little things but, Mom and Martha got quite the haul. Granny won a door prize...from the very first drawing!!! Go, Granny! :D She won six pack of fat quarters from Momma Made It. Now, this is a great booth! Mom and Martha love it and were quite envious of Granny's score.

We had lunch there, then shopped some more and headed home. I made Mom drive because I was wiped out. Mickey just wasn't terribly happy and he had a few rough moments. But, a pretzel and some juice did go a long way towards helping. Once we got home, Mickey slept for about a half an hour. (He'd also slept on the way home.) I slept for 2 hours and 45 minutes! Not solid because I did have to get up and get Little Man out of his crib, and he did come check on me every 30 minutes or so. He runs in saying Ma-ma, ma-ma and won't leave until I say Mickey, Mickey. Then he says Bye, the ma-ma or Bye, the ni-ni and runs out again.

I finally got up to make us dinner. Fortunately, I had a bunch of last night's meal leftover so Mickey had that along with some carrots and raisins while I heated it up. (He hates waiting.) I wasn't feeling so hot so I made myself a nice bowl of oatmeal with butter, sugar, cinnamon and raisins.

Anyway, I had a pretty darn good day. I hope you did, too!

ps-does no one have any serious ribbon purging strategies? I'm desperate, people!!! :D


Marilyn said...

I didn't say anything about the ribbon, because I had no ideas! I am sorry. My suggestion is don't get rid of the ribbon! lol That is another reason I didn't say anything! I know, what a bad friend I am! If you must purge, I would get rid of any that maybe the color is a bit off from current styles and unattractive, dollar ribbon, things like that. Maybe try a different storage system first. Maybe storing them differently will take up less space. I really hate to see you get rid of all your stuff! Maybe I could have first dibs before you take it to the g-sale!! lol

Marilyn said...

Hey girlie, I tagged you and gave you an award on my blog!