Monday, September 8, 2008

Just a funny...

I called Andrew at 5:45 and he answered sounding all apologetic saying that he had stopped by Preferred Pump (his previous, previous job) and was hanging out. Well, I was only going to ask him to pick up a take-n-bake pizza so when he said that I came right back with, "When your done swinging by Preferred, do you want to swing by Papa Murphy's?"


He thought it was funny, too! So, now we are having pizza tonight!

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Veronica said...

First off, let me just say Congrats!!!! I haven't been to your blog in a while, for you were off visiting family and hadn't posted! I left, thanks to Hurricane Gustav, return, trying to get caught up with my fave blogs and I find out, your gonna have a bambino!!! Whew. I'm tired. I wish you all the best! You got some great scrapbookin material coming your way!! ;-)