Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taking a break...

...from editing wedding pics to show some to you all!
The bride in her gown and veil.
The groom's sisters.
The kiss.
The groom's son.
The bride and groom's youngest daughter.

The bride and groom before the ceremony. She had two dresses. This one was for dinner which was brilliantly held before the ceremony! :D

The bride's sister and their youngest daughter. (She was much easier to get a shot of than her older sister!)

Getting ready to cut the cake. (Ron with a knife! Never a good combo! :D)
A sweet moment.

The handsome groom.
And his gorgeous bride!

Well, I think I'm almost done. Another day or two should have it. It's rather hard to work on during the day as Mickey always feels the need to "help"!

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lizness said...

These are AWESOME Erica!