Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tears of Joy/Tears of Sadness

Tears of Joy

So, I was a little worried today about hearing the heartbeat but, all my fretting was for nothing. We heard a heartbeat!!! :D Andrew couldn't come with because of work but my mom was there with little man. And, yup, I cried! Just a little but I did.

Tears of Sadness

Today is September 11th. I can never get through this day without crying. I can't watch the news on this day and I certainly can't watch all the special memorial programs that Andrew wants to watch. Even the happy stories and the tales of loved ones found make me lose control. And, I'm just your normal American, never been to New York, didn't know anyone living there, never had big city dreams. Yet, the destruction of the towers and all the lives lost just broke me. I have no idea how the people feel who had seen the towers in their glory or god forbid lost someone that day. I can't imagine how rough this day must be for them. Thinking about the people who are still hurting makes me cry now.

I hope and pray that every year that passes finds more people healing and getting stronger.

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Becky said...

Yeah for you!!!! I hadn't checked on ya in a while. I'm with ya, I have a very hard time getting through 9-11 also! Being prego doesn't help any!