Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tutorials to come!

Yep, I've got ideas for two, count 'em, two tutorials!!! Thanks in large part to the girls at the crop I went to last Saturday night! Especially this gal. Thanks, girls! I had a blast! :D

What? I didn't tell you that I got out of the house by myself for hours?!?!?! Ooooh, bad me! LOL! Well, Christina just turned 31 (finally caught up to me) and decided to have Kay, Marilyn, Laura and me come over to scrapbook at her place.

Now, it started at 7:00 pm so I knew this was going to take some effort on my part. So, I made sure to sleep in Saturday morning and I took an extra long nap on Saturday. It was rough but I knew sacrifices had to be made. ;) I didn't get home until 4:30 in the morning!!! I was really tired but, a couple of turkey dogs at 8:00 and then a 1:00am McD's run and some loafing on the couch really helped!

I had so much fun! Those gals are just a kick in the pants to be around and they totally don't care that I rarely get anything done at crops. Although, I did get the start of a layout! I even cut into paper! Oh, yeah! :D

OK, back to the tutorials, one is about using product for stamping and the other is my ode to wax paper! They will probably make an appearance this weekend or next week. I've got a ton of cleaning to do now that I'm done with those wedding photos! Andrew gave them to Ron last night so Karen should get them today. I really hope she likes them!

I'm also in the middle of a huge purge of my stash. If we don't move by the time the baby arrives, Mickey will be moving into my craft room, the baby will get his room and my scrap stuff will be homeless!!! I'm working on a plan to fit some scrap storage in a few rooms but, a lot has to go. Fortunately, Scrapbook Attack is having another of their garage sales the end of October, so it's perfect timing! I've already purged a stack of 12x12 paper that's over 8" tall!!! Now, I just have to hit my embellies, tools, stamps...oh, you get the picture!!!

Does anyone know how to purge ribbon??? I can't for the life of me part with any of it!!! Help!


tigardlilly said...

I know how to purge ribbon. You put it all in a paper bag or bags, staple the top close. (Be sure not to staple though any ribbon though) Shake the bag(s). Put them in the back of the car, drive them to Tigard. Place the bags on my welcome mat, ring the door bell, then run to you car, giggling, "Happy Ribbon Day, Happy Ribbon Day" YOUR RIBBON HAS BEEN PURGED!!

inara said...

ditto that Laura!!! you are hilarious! I had sooooooooooo much fun with you gals on saturday!!! I know why I was so tired now, i was coming down with a cold, thank God, I just thought my age was catching up with me!!!

Kay said...

LOL Laura cracks me up!!

I am also getting ready to purge some ribbon. This is what I'm going to do.

I am going to go through and seperate the loves from the so-sos. So-sos will do directly into the donate pile.

I will then go through the loves and deicde how much of each I REALLY need. Probably only keeping one yard of each. The only ones I will keep more of is the stuff that works well for cards and SU! ribbon.

I'm going to donate this to a friend of mine who teaches preschool.


BTW, I too had a great time the other night. Hope to do it again some time. Remember Oct. 26th will be my SU! debute! I'm going to make it more of a open house from 1-5pm. I will have make & takes and a few door prizes.