Friday, October 17, 2008

Because We've got nothing else going on...

...our refrigerator decided last night was the perfect night for it to die! Yep, all our perishables are now chillin' (ha!) in a large cooler on our front step. And yes, that means that in order to get breakfast for little man and me I had to pop out the front door in my p.j.'s!!! Ah, the lovely sights people get to see as they drive to work! Hee!

I also got almost everything done yesterday! I didn't pick up the living room and I only got a bag out for the gift. But, I've got tissue paper sitting right next to it ready to go! So today, the goal is to do two loads of laundry (Andrew needs something to wear for the wedding) and pick up the living room and keep the kitchen clean. Oh, and addressing the invites for Mickey's 2nd b-day! They turned out stinkin' cute!!!

Since I like Mickey's b-day theme and Halloween costume to coordinate I went with a jungle themed b-day to go with his lion costume. Last year he had a cowboy themed b-day and he was a cow for Halloween. And we had OSU themed pennants and matching shirts and a onesie that said "Team Hettwer 2006" in the delivery room and then he was an OSU pumpkin for Halloween.

Not sure why I like them to coordinate. Maybe it's because it helps me narrow down the choices. Or, maybe because I'm so planning a really awesome mini album about it! Hah!


inara said...

that is an adorable picture of mickey! he will make a fantastic lion!

Veronica said...

Oh Erica! I so know the saying, "When it rains, it pours" and for me, it can stop pouring!! I hope you have a good weekend and things start settling down for you! Really cute invite! ;)