Monday, October 6, 2008

My Weekend, in Reverse!

Since yesterday was my birthday, we went out to breakfast at the Top O' Hill Restaurant with my granny. I ate waaaay too much but, I figured since I found out I lost .8 of a pound at my last doctor's appointment, I could splurge a little on my b-day!

After breakfast we went over to Andrew's sister's house. We hung out at Kathy's for a few hours and then headed back home to take some naps. I wasn't feeling too hot (kinda dizzy) so we ended up going to the grocery store for dinner. I got some yummy Tillamook cheddar cheese and some sourdough bread (my fav) to go with the tomatoes Kathy gave me. It doesn't sound very exciting but, it's one of my very favorite meals. I'm a simple gal!!! :D

Oh, you want to know what I got for my b-day??? I thought you did! On Saturday, Mickey and I visited Andrew at the Albany Home Show (his company had a booth there) and brought him some lunch and checked the place out. I told him that I'd bought Mickey's b-day present (a toddler-proof digital camera) and he asked me if I'd bought myself a present. I told him that what I wanted was like $300.00 and I didn't really want anything else except a few books. So, he told me to get the $300.00 lens that I wanted!!! I ordered it Saturday night and it should be here a week from today!!! It's the Tamron 18-75mm 2.8 lens and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Friday was my most recent doctor's appointment and my first one with an OB instead of a midwife. I had to wait in that little room in nothing other than a stupid gown and my socks for FORTY-FIVE minutes!!! Oh, and if that isn't bad enough, I had Mickey with me! Yep, a soon to be two year old trapped in a tiny room with not much to do for FORTY-FIVE minutes! Fortunately, I had brought a ton of toys and books for him to play with and he is seriously very good for almost two. He wasn't his normal great self because he'd only napped for 20 minutes that day but, he was really good all considered. I however, was super cranky. No nap for me, no food in quite a while and I almost got to the point where I was going to order pizza to be delivered to the doctor's office!

The doctor finally arrived and I had my oh-so-wonderful checkup and talked to her a little about the pregnancy and my history. It went well but I wasn't super thrilled with the doc. I have to call today to schedule my next appointment and I think I'll try a different doc. I had a wonderful rapport with the doctor that we used when we were pregnant with Mickey and I have the same relationship with my general practitioner and my dentist. So, I want that same connection with whomever I work with on this current pregnancy. Since they have seven docs there, I should be able to find someone, don't you think?

That about covers our weekend from Sunday back through Friday afternoon. Thanks for checking it out and don't tell Granny her picture is here!!! She'll have a bird! LOL! :D


inara said...

hey chickadee! We missed ya saturday night but it sounds like you were productive, so it's all good! So what does a $300.00 lens DO????

Marilyn said...

Glad to hear you had a good bday! What a great gift Andrew got you, what a sweet guy!!! Can't you just see the doc you had with Mickey? Just wondering.

tigardlilly said...

Happy Birthday!

Lynn said...

Hope you had a wonderful b-day Erica! And have fun with that lens!