Saturday, October 11, 2008

This and That.

Well, I'm feeling okay now. Back is still sore and all but, the cramps are down to only a few a day. Thank goodness!

I hope Mickey never says firetruck, frog or socks around my grandmother or someone really easily offendable. :D

I have been checking every day to make sure that my lens is still scheduled to come on Monday. Pathetic I know, but I'm really excited to get it.

I even told the UPS driver on Friday that I would see him on Monday. He and I joke about how he's misdelivered a few of my packages.

I got some maternity clothes from Old Navy on Friday and they were all too big. Well, the pants were. The shirts were good enough size-wise but one was super blah and the other two were waaaaay to low cut for my taste!

We went over to my sister-in-laws today to bring snacks to the workers. Andrew's folks are moving a little manuf home out there and it's causing all sorts of headaches. Mickey found some roller thing (I think it measures distance, it looks like the thing that chalks the lines on soccer fields.) If it's got wheels, or even a wheel, my little dude is all over it. He was zooming around his little stuffed animals as a baby and we knew it was time for a toy car!


inara said...

I'm really glad everyone is ok!!!

Nicole said...

thanks for the ideas Erica...and congrats, you're my winner!!! =)