Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today's To-Do's

Got a few things that I just HAVE to do today and some that I want to do.

Have To
~pay bills done and in the mailbox waiting for pick-up!
~fill out insurance forms from other driver's company done and hanging out with the bills in my mailbox
~fill out insurance forms from my company all done, just now copying so they can go chill in the mail box, too! :D Finished and chilling with the bills!
~call auto body shop re: damage to my car and when I'll get my beloved Sport Trac back done, there is minor frame damage and the whole back bumper and all it's components need to be replaced. I should have it by the middle of next week.
~call doctors office re: physical therapy. When I went in on Friday the computers were down and so I'm not too suprised I haven't heard anything from them yet. Done and waiting for them to return my call. Got their call and the call from Canby Physical Therapy. All set up for next week!

Want To
~keep kitchen clean Dishes are in dishwasher! :D
~pick up living room
~wrap present for wedding we are attending on Friday
~make card for wedding we are attending on Friday

This is about all I probably should do but, I may also try to get some laundry done. Tomorrow evening I'm going to have to blow dry my hair and use my camera (with my new lens!) so I'm hoping to just rest for most of the day.

New Stuff
~complete Tamron rebate for my new lens. (Still haven't really used it. Didn't want to have a camera slung around my still tender neck.)

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inara said...

hope you git 'er done!!!!