Friday, October 10, 2008

We're Okay....

...but, we got rear-ended on Wednesday. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and a gal hit a guy who hit me. I had my mom and little man in the car. Fortunately, it was in a 30 mile an hour zone and it's just down the hill from the main branch of the Women's Clinic I go to. Also very fortunately, my mom was there. Because, well, I got hysterical. I just couldn't stop crying for a while. I could talk a bit but couldn't stop the crying. I was able to calm down when I realized that Mickey (who was a champ!) was starting to get a little worried looking. After Mom got all the info (something I'd have had her do anyway as my handwriting is awful even when I'm not freaking out) everyone started taking pictures with their cell phones.

Which finally made me start to think on my own and realize that I had my camera with me and could take much better pics than with a cell.

I had called Andrew while my mom was calling 911 (no one was hurt and we were all able to get off the road so they didn't send anyone) and told him I was okay (still couldn't stop crying) and that if he could come home early, I'd really appreciate it. Then, once I was calmer, I called the clinic to see if they could fit me in for a heartbeat check. They could and they did and we heard a heartbeat. 140 beats per minute. It did take a while to find though, as the battery on the first Doppler turned out to be fading and it stopped working after a few minutes. New Doppler and a few more minutes and finally she found it. Longest 5-10 minutes ever!

We headed home after a stop at MickeyD's as she was feeling a little faint. With Mom and I the motto is when in doubt, it must be time to eat! I was sore and stiff and my right side and chest hurt when we got home. Then, I woke up at 3:00 am with some mild cramping that lasted a few hours. Yep, no sleep for the rest of that night. LOL! So, I called the women's clinic and they called me back and then I told them that since I'd talked to them, I'd had more cramps. So, they had to go talk to someone else and call me back...again. Heh! Anyway, yesterday was full of phone calls with insurance companies, doctors, auto shops, etc... And, a trip to the auto shop, police dept, and Mickey's doctor. Little dude is fine, just a bit fussier and clingier, and I have to keep an eye out for any bruises that may show up.

Anyway, today is my turn to get checked out and I've got an appointment with my GP today. Oh, and I have to fill out my accident report and turn it into the DMV today. Since 911 didn't send anyone all three of us have to fill out reports...cause I don't have enough to do! Heh! Oh, and if I have any energy left I really need groceries and to clean up the kitchen. Clean dishes are a good thing!

Oh, and one more thing. Getting hit while pregnant is terribly scary and I don't recommend it to anyone. But, the one upside is that as soon as they find out you are pregnant, everyone's tone changes. They go from polite to downright helpful and really concerned. I was told an insurance person (one of many) would call in about 24 hours but that since I was pregnant it would probably be a few hours. They called 30 minutes later. Yep, extreme customer service, people!


Kay said...

holy moly! I'm so glad to hear you're alright! Do you need anything? I can come down and do your grocery shopping if you aren't feeling up to it. (and no it's not too far to drive.) I think you have my number. If not just email me.

Take Care!

joscelyne cutchens said...

YIKERS!!!! ((((((hugs)))))))
I am so glad you're okay!

Did you know, I love your blog

Liz said...

Glad to hear that you are ok and that little man probrably didn't notice a thing. Oh and CONGRATS on the new baby, I kind of had an idea but now I see it was confirmed!

Hope you are doing well~


Lynn said...

Sorry that happened to you! We were rearended on I-84 (going about 20mph in traffic) a couple years ago. I wasn't pregnant but had a one month old! Just exactly how do you tell if a one month old is hurt...all they do is cry anyway! LOL! Guess she was fine because she is 2 now!