Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Updates

~We had our ultrasound yesterday.
~Everything went well.
~I have a love/hate relationship with ultrasounds
~Love to see my baby early
~Hate the torture of the full bladder
~I was 19 weeks and 4 days yesterday and the baby sized at 19 weeks 5 days
~I put away my regular pants on the 15th. Hello maternity clothes!
~I seriously need 2-3 more maternity tops
~All those shorts/capris/tank tops from my October baby pregnancy are so not cutting it with this April baby!
~The results (boy/girl) of our ultrasound are sitting sealed in their envelope on the mantel.
~I'm actually cool with it and not dying to rip it open
~I have a feeling this will change as we get closer to Christmas Eve morning
~Speaking of feelings, I've been feeling this little one moving for a few weeks now.
~Oh, and no real specific cravings this time around.
~I really need to take some belly pictures!
~Speaking of pictures...
This one is my favorite. It's a top view and it looks like the baby is giving me a hug. :)

A cute little profile shot with a little hand peeking up.

Another profile shot with an open mouth. Yawning, maybe?

Ahhh, the foot shot. I love baby feet! :D

I did get two more shots. One is the slightly scary alien skull face. (We'll skip that one, okay?) The other is the all important he/she shot! I'll share that one after Christmas! :D


inara said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so darn sweet! you made me get choked up. by the way you missed a really fun time this weekend. I learned so much!!!

Becky said...

look at that cute little baby! don't you just love ultrasounds? I had one a while back and got a 3-D shot of his little face, so cool!!

LJ13 said...

Awww. What a cutie. Thanks for sharing the pics.


Chrispea said...

That's awesome. I remember getting my first ultrasound, my dd gave us a thumbs up...it was the coolest thing! Congrats!!

Samantha said...

Wait a second! You're pregnant and I'm just now finding out?? Congratulations!! I remember you saying last year at CKC that you wanted to start trying for another baby this August. Looks like your plans worked out perfectly!!