Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Few Halloween Shots

We started out at my mom's house. Mickey had a great time showing off his lion costume. He wasn't terribly fond of the hood though. :)

My favorite part was the tail. So stinkin' cute!

Showing the perfect lion stalk while roaring. He's such a ham.

His costume was great but it was a tad bit small. Not sure if he had a growth spurt after we picked it up at Costco or what but, I got the 3t-4t size so it should have fit. You can see in this picture that we couldn't even zip it all the way.
After my mom's we headed to Granny's. Mickey seriously loves his Great-Grandma (gran), he'll cry if we drive past her retirement village without stopping. It's sweet but sad to hear him in the back crying "Gran, gran!"
Our last stop for the evening was my dad's house. Mickey finally found a doorbell he could reach. Buttons are huge for this little dude.

And, here he is giving his Grandpa Mickey a big kiss.

While we didn't get to go to a lot of houses, it was still a wonderful break from all the work on our house we'd been doing.

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