Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas To-Do's and a Snow Update

Well, we had a lot more snow today and Mickey and I got to go play out in it.
He loved it! He had a blast sweeping snow off the driveway and telling me that he was cleaning. So funny!
Then we went for a walk and he knocked the snow off of a bunch of arborvitae.
He thought that was hilarous. When we got back home he just wanted to sweep some more. So, I let him.
Finally, his little hands looked too cold and I drug him back in the house, kicking and screaming. Well, just screaming but still. (He had gloves on during the walk but he can't sweep with them on.)

Inside, I made him his first hot chocolate. We drank our cocoa together and he had a little snack of Cheerios and raisins. He liked the cocoa but didn't love it. I loved mine. :D I do need to buy some marshmellows though, it's just not the same without them!

I still have a lot to do Christmas-wise. I've got all the decorations up and all the Christmas cards mailed. At least I hope I do, I always seem to forget someone. I made a spreadsheet last year but it's still living on my non-functional laptop.
Here's my list of Christmas to-do's.
1. Pick up photos at Costco (just ordered a ton for some gifts)
2. Put photos in albums and such
3. Wrap albums and such
4. Make ornaments for my little family
5. Make ornaments for three certain people
6. Alter two more Rubix Cubes
7. Wrap the presents that I have
8. Figure out meal planning for two days consisting of four Christmas events. (This is another list all on it's own!)
9. Clean my house!

Here's what I'd really like to do.

1. Scrapbook! Preferably with some fun gals I know!
2. Buy the Canon 50mm 1.4
3. Sell my darn house!
4. Open that tempting little envelope
5. Have someone else clean my house!

(See, I do want it clean, I just don't want to do it! LOL!)

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