Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goings On...

Yesterday, I had PT and I was so tired! Early that morning (3 am) I awoke with a huge pain in my lower right abdomen. I could hardly walk and if my destination had been any where but the bathroom, I would have stayed in bed. LOL! I actually had to move my right leg with my hands to get back to bed. Fortunately, it stopped hurting once I was in bed and when I awoke it was all gone. I had something like that occur with Mickey but it was during the day and I had to walk around and it was torture!!! Thank goodness it just messed with my sleep! My need for caffiene was great that morning! But, the exercise helped and I made it through to the evening where I got a second wind and made a mini book for Andrew's boss. It featured the pictures of everyone from the Christmas Party.

Today was a good Mickey day. He didn't get into anything he wasn't supposed to and he awoke fabulously from his nap. Normally, naptime awakenings involve tears but today he was bright and chipper and I got a big "Hi!" when I opened his door. We had a bunch of tickles today and he helped me carry the mail in and he learned how to say radio. He also went to bed pretty easily. I however, am not as happy with my sleeping habits. I can't fall asleep and I wake a couple of times during the night. I'm so tired I can't even make a coherent to-do list!!! The only thing I really wanted to do was work on my December Daily album and I just haven't made any headway! ARGH!!!

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. :)

We are supposed to go get our tree this weekend but I'm not sure it's going to happen. Our friend's tree farm is just outside of Estacada and the weather is supposed to be snowy. Well, if we get any snow they are sure to have more. And, I just don't want to risk the drive up the windy, hilly back roads. I do want to see Julie and George though. We haven't seen them in ages and I really miss them.

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Veronica said...

Hey. Take it easy. Hope things get easier for ya!! Thank goodness the "little guy" is being cooperative at times!