Saturday, December 27, 2008

One Tired Toddler... what you get when you put him to bed at 11:30 pm one night and the next morning when he wakes at 6:30 you don't give him a nap and then take him to a restaurant and bowling!

He did have a great time with his cousins and was really into bowling. He kept saying "play ball!". However, he did not get the concept of taking turns!!! Finally I ended up taking the little booger home for a nice long nap. I put him down early for bed tonight too, in hopes that he'll be our well behaved little man for tomorrow, the last of our Christmas functions.

During the Mexican lunch, Rachel(niece) and I went to Target. We're not huge fans of the restaurant the rest of the family likes. She got some stuff for her boyfriend and I bought girl baby clothes!!! On sale of course! I just couldn't wait! I do have a little bit of stuff from my sister-in-law Chrissy but it's in storage and I really wanted to have something tangible that was girly. I can't wait to build my baby girl's wardrobe the way I did Mickey's. Clearance sales, garage sales and Craig's List!!! I saw so many cute baby girl things when I was looking for him, it's nice to be able to buy them now! :D

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