Friday, December 5, 2008

Speaking of Pregnancy Brain...

...I thought a note I made on the calendar about a 7:10 am appt was another baby checkup for me. So, I woke at 6:00am, got ready, got Mickey ready and off we zipped. I even called my Granny to see if she wanted to meet us afterwards for breakfast. Well, Mickey and I pull up to the office to's closed! Yep! That appointment was for a dentist appointment for Andrew!!! So, we went and picked up Granny and then my mom met up with us a little while later. I was a little embarrassed but, I'd rather be on time for an appointment I didn't have than late for one I did have!!! LOL

...that little envelope is starting to get to me! Not all the time and not everyday but every few days I just want to tear that bad boy open! Must wait until Christmas Eve...must wait until Christmas Eve... I am so not going to be able to sleep that night!

...I made three more batches of Peppermint Cookie Crunch Bark! Now that's not really pregnancy brain related but, I thought I'd throw it in there anyway! ;) Now I'm just getting ready for the cookie swap. Hope they like the peppermint bark and that I don't forget anything!


tacomachickadee said...

Wait! Does this mean you're preggers?!?!?!

Emily R. said...

Ha! Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has showed up at the wrong place for an appointment!!! I feel the same way...I hate being late! Argggg :D