Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update to the List, Today's Doings Including Scrappiness and SNOW!!!

I know I've been posting a lot about the snow but seriously folks we never get this much! It started snowing at six this morning. I know this because I woke at four and couldn't get back to sleep. Thanks, pregnancy hormones! Anyway, it hasn't stopped since six this morning. It's 7:30 pm here and there are inches, INCHES of snow here! We're talking like six inches! I don't have any pics from my camera because it just hasn't stopped snowing! But, Andrew took a few with our point and shoot today.

I really think all that snow is just gorgeous but it wasn't supposed to start until about noon today. I was supposed to go to Costco and the grocery store but only made it to the store (Andrew drove). We stocked up, again and then Andrew took off south to go help friends of ours grout tile. I know, he's a nut but he's just that way. He has to go help people. And, he'll never call anyone to come help him with a project. While he was gone, Mickey napped but I couldn't sleep until he got home. And, with my sleep depriation, working on projects was probably not a good idea so I just surfed on the internet. :D
Once he got home, I crashed for about three hours. Yep, I was that tired. I started working on some ornaments, cooked dinner and then finished the ornaments while Andrew read to Mickey.
Mickey loves to be read to. After every book, he'd jump up and say "more book". Andrew would give him the book to put away and off Mickey'd go to get another! Very cute stuff.

And finally, the updated list! With photos!!! :D

1. Pick up photos at Costco (just ordered a ton for some gifts) Nope, weather too bad to drive there.
2. Put photos in albums and such Nope, no photos!
3. Wrap albums and such Can't wrap empty albums!
4. Make ornaments for my little family Done!
I printed our pictures on transparencies, rolled 'em up and tucked them in the ornaments. Added a little glitter and ribbon and voila! Our ornaments for 2008!
I stamped the date on them with my White Stayz On pad. It actually worked better than I thought it would! Go Stayz On! :D

5. Make ornaments for three certain people Done!
6. Alter two more Rubix Cubes Going to work on those tonight.
7. Wrap the presents that I have May do a few tonight depending on how the Rubix Cubes go.
8. Figure out meal planning for two days consisting of four Christmas events. (This is another list all on it's own!) The events are changing/cancelling as we speak so I'll just have to wait.
9. Clean my house! Maybe tomorrow...maybe! :D

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