Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why scrapbook supplies, a two year old and a pregnant mommy don't mix!

Yep, he got into my orange scrapbook paint. Sigh! Our routine had been working so well up until then. He'd wake, I'd get him out of his crib and get him a banana and some milk and he'd watch cartoons while I napped for another 30 minutes. Well, this morning when I awoke the second time, he'd gotten into my scrapbook paint and painted his mouth, hands, feet and tummy orange!!! He had to sit in his p.j.'s in the empty bath tub in time out while I cleaned up the tile, hardwoods, carpet, sofa and chair. Then, I got him undressed and filled the tub and put him back in the bathtub for his own clean up. I'd cooled off enough to find the humor in the situation and dug out the camera. At least he picked an OSU color! LOL!

We had a better day after that and I made sure to wait to take my shower until he was down for his nap. I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow.

Oh, and I watched Rudolph tonight! Love that movie! :D


Kay said...

He was just trying to show his school spirit mom! ;) LOL

Lynn said...

Isaac got into my ink pads one day when I was getting that little nap when I was pregnant with Erin! The walls were a pretty splotchy purple!

tacomachickadee said...

He's gotten SO BIG!!!

stamprgrl said...

so did you had any luck getting the paint off the wood floor... because w/ Bianca's mess there is still paint inside the grooves of my wood floor.

-- dalis