Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby Talk

Well, I gained eight pounds over the last five weeks. Ooops! Apparently, being practically housebound for two weeks causes me to overeat. And, lets not talk about the multiple holiday dinners lately. Oh heck, lets! Two for Thanksgiving and FIVE for Christmas!!!! Yep, I definately overdid.

Differences between this little girl and my little man. Well, she made me sicker right from the start. With Audrey, I felt nauseous at random times and some days for the entire day and nothing really seemed to help. With little dude, it was just "afternoon sickness" and it was very mild. Some saltines, some Gatoraid or Sprite and I was good to go! I'm pretty sure I've got more heartburn with her, too. Seriously, my piece of toast with jam and glass of milk breakfast gives me heartburn! It's kind of funny though. With all the heartburn I have a hard time feeling when I'm starting to get hungry. I go from blech to starved in seconds!!! LOL!

Similarities with the two of them. Well, I was exhausted with both of them at the beginning. I did get a respite with Mickey but, I think the car accident took away my mid-pregnancy energy burst with Audrey. I never threw up with either of them. I didn't get all mushy over them until they really started kicking. Oh, and with both of them I had a hard time telling if it was a kick or not at first. They both also really kick a lot the further along I get. I was also in the process of losing weight when I got pregnant with both of them.

You know how some women "just know" that they are pregnant. Yeah, not me! With Mickey, I took 10 tests the first month (nothing) and then two or three the second (positive) month. Just could never tell either way. With Audrey, I was a few weeks farther along, exhausted, not losing weight anymore and really hungry when I finally realized I was late. Took one test and oh wow we're pregnant! Not in tune with my body at all! LOL!


Marilyn said...

8 pounds? Is that bad while your pregnant??? I wouldn't worry about it at all, you could always look like me, lol!!! BTW, you are looking great!! I haven't seen ya since you got the baby hump! Aww, I want to cry now, beautiful lady! :)

Veronica said...

You look great! Don't fret. It'll all balance out towards the end!

Chrispea said...

Aww, you look cute!!