Thursday, January 1, 2009

The End of December and 2008!

Sunday, the 28th, we had our last Christmas event of the season. Andrew's mom's family does a meal the Sunday after Christmas each year at his Aunt Irene's house. It started about noon and was a lot of family, games and food! Mickey and I ended up leaving after about five hours. There's only so much little dude can handle without a nap. (And I was needing one too!) Andrew stayed and then rode home to his sister Kathy's house and got to our home at who knows what hour! His sister Sandra flew home to Hawaii that next morning.
Monday, the 29th, and Tuesday, the 30th, were the days I was finally able to get out and shop! I had two missions. Mission one~take full advantage of all the after Christmas sales on decorations and wrap. Mission two~buy some adorable baby girl clothes (on sale, of course) to quell the need for pink I've been having since we found out that we are having a girl. I'm happy to report that both missions were accomplished!
Mickey did very well considering that we were gone for about seven hours each day! We'd leave about eleven (no matter my intentions on leaving earlier) and get home right on time to put him to bed. LOL!

Yesterday, I had to hurry and get all the ornaments, ribbon and lights off of the tree. Why the rush, you ask? Well, we spent New Year's Eve in Scott's Mills, setting our Christmas tree on fire with a group of Andrew's friends from high school. Of course, just dry trees going up in flames wasn't going to be enough for our men (boys!) and so they adorned our trees with leftover fireworks from the Fourth of July! It was pretty impressive!
Mickey liked the show but the really big bangs weren't his thing. He did have a great time with all the other kids there. Jackie, our hostess, has this awesome upstairs playroom that is just a kid mecca! He'd had a nap earlier and he made it to midnight and didn't fall asleep until we left at a quarter to one. He was very well behaved until right when we were walking out the door and he had to say goodbye to some toys he'd been playing with. I hope his sister is half as well behaved as he is! :D
Andrew has today and tomorrow off and he spent the day resting and watching football. I was motivated to get the rest of our Christmas stuff down because without the tree, it just doesn't work! Tomorrow he plans to clean the garage and hopefully take down the Christmas lights. I'm going to try to get my photos edited and printed so I can go to Scrapbook Attack and work on my December Daily album. I'm not too optimistic about this happening due to our current lack of groceries! :D

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve!!! :D


Lynn said...

Hi Erica! Congrats on baby girl! I have a question for you and please feel free to tell me to take a hike! I was wondering if I can use your one piece cardstock mini-album on the site I design for as a class? I will totally give you credit and post a link to your blog (if you want!). I just really like the idea of one sheet and it is so cute! Let me know! Lynn

Lynn said...

Thanks! Not sure when my next class is but I will let you know when it is posted!

Davinie Fiero said...

I'm not sure who wins with the Redneck games on this one Erica. lol! But Steve likes your idea!