Thursday, January 29, 2009


...and I know it. :D Sorry!

Between some insane action on our house (finger's crossed!), pictures to edit for Andrew's family, a lingering cold and just being a mom, I've been neglecting this blog.

Here are some randoms about my life lately...

I've crocheted two potholders and just am waiting for my cold to completely dissappear before I head over to Granny's so she can show me how to finish them.

This cold really wiped me out for about four days. During said four days, I did absolutely no housework.

Tuesday was the planned housework day.

It snowed Tuesday morning. So, being a good mom (or trying to be) I bundled up little dude and myself to go play outside.

30 minutes after we came in, a realtor stopped by and then a half an hour later, another one! This led to a showing that night which required a marathon four hour cleaning session.

My back is still recovering.

Andrew's been working at the Ag Expo all week and so hasn't been around at night to help with little dude. But, since he leaves later in the morning he said he'd get up early with Mickey so I can sleep in.

The first morning, he forgot. This morning, Mickey slept until eight. Argh!!!!

Yesterday morning the first realtor dropped in to see the house and then I had a doctor's appointment. Both went really well.

The midwife said that since I'm "the most low risk second pregnancy ever" that instead of going every two weeks I can go every three weeks until I'm 36 weeks along. Sweet! That totally cuts out one appointment! :D

My glucose test results were great. 140 is when they get concerned and I was at 72. Heh!

My weight was a little high for me...180. But, the midwife and the nurse think I'm doing fantastic. If I wasn't so dang tired, I'd try to get some walking in.

I'm still editing pictures from Andrew's aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. I didn't touch them for a few days because I was afraid they weren't any good. Then, I got sick. I really have to get them done by this weekend. I don't want it to go longer than two weeks. I've got 94 done and 70 left to decide on/edit.

Mickey got "stuck" in the play structure at McDonald's yesterday...twice. He's been there and been fine a half dozen times before. Not sure why yesterday was different but, I had to clamber up there and squeeze my six and half month pregnant body in there to "rescue" him.

After the second "rescue", we left.

Mickey had a fairly bad day yesterday. Cranky while the realtor was there, okay at the doc's, drama-y at McD's, a pill at home and then he woke up three times last night!

Hoping for a good day today!

Oh, and wish us luck on Sunday! I'd really love to sell this house! :D

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