Monday, February 2, 2009

It's February!

Good stuff going on this month!

~I finished editing the pictures for Andrew's aunt and uncle's 50th Wedding Anniversary party.

~We won $60.00 at the Super Bowl party we went to on Sunday. (Well, we netted $30.00)

~We had a showing of our house on Sunday.

~And....their realtor is coming over tonight to present an offer on our house!!!! Oh, great googly-moogly, I'm excited!!! I hope it's not contingent and it's not low. I hardly slept last night. Thank goodness for Andrew, he keeps me grounded. :D
Think good thoughts for us tonight! :)

Oh, and here's what's to come in Feb!

~I'll be seven months along on the 10th
~I only have one OB appointment this month! The midwife said I was one of the lowest risk second pregnancies she'd ever had. So, instead of having to come in every two weeks until 36 weeks, I'm on a three week plan! Yeah!!! :D
~My friend's baby shower is on the 21st. (She's due nine days before me!)

~I'm taking pictures for a friend at her mom's 60th suprise Birthday party! Can't wait! I'm already getting nervous but it should be fun. Mickey and I are going to check out the venue this week and I'll reserve the same flash I used for the anniversary party. I'll be 34 weeks along so that will probably be my last photography "gig" before the baby comes. LOL!

How's your month shaping up?

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